Who is Zims?

Since 1964, Zim's Bagging Company has been converting and printing film, foam and bubble packaging materials. We differentiate ourselves from others in our industry by specializing in value-added, custom designed, non-standard packaging.

At our Main Facility and at our SoftPack Facility, we have machinery capable of forming, folding, cutting and sealing plastic film, foam and bubble roll-stock into bags and pouches. We can also add many custom options such as tapes, handles, wickets, punched holes where YOU need them, labels, bar codes. We also offer front and back plain or very sophisticated photo-quality printing on roll-stock for your automated form and fill needs. All of these products can be tailored to your specific needs.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS and we have more than 55 years of it in the flexible packaging industry!

Examples of our plastic film
and foam products

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Zim's Printing

10 Color, 59" Web
W&H Miraflex II Printing Press